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Celina Hayes

Tinder desktop : We tried the web version of Tinder

It is not really useful to introduce you Tinder, this application that allows you since 2012 to meet people who are close to you thanks to the GPS function of your smartphone.

Five years later, while our smartphones have become an extension of our hands, to the detriment of the computer, Tinder decides to jump 10 years back to launch … Tinder Online !!!

Tinder Desktop Version : Why ? and For whom ?

What went through their heads? We tell you everything. The Tinder app is talking about her right now !! Shortly after the world discovered Tinder Select, the Tinder for VIPs, the US application announced the launching of Tinder Online. It would work in much the same way as the mobile version: connection via Facebook, the principle of “swipe” but with the mouse, match …

No geolocation however, but imagine that it will enter the city in which we are located and possibly a radius in which we want to meet someone.


Tinder Online: Why?

You are going to ask yourself, just like me when I learned about it, “where did this crazy idea come from? (Or more exactly: “WTF ???”).

Well, the reason put forward by Tinder is that the app is not very present in some countries, especially in emerging countries where people do not have smartphones but phones, with little or no storage capacity for apps.

Plus, they’re probably still in the Edge (and it’s SO 2007).

Speaking of mobile Internet, do you know that we are very lucky in France to have Internet packages at affordable prices?

A vast majority of developed countries have to pay a high price for this option. Canada, for example, is offering an offer with 6 GB of Internet … for $ 50. Do you suffer too? (I’m dying.)

So, Tinder for PC is the way for Tinder to establish itself in other countries, very developed or not.

[Edit Selim: and it will also allow a max of you not to look suspicious playing Tinder at work!]

Tinder Online: How it works

Well … nothing. Basically, you visit Tinder website (site) . Tinder Online is Tinder, but on a bigger screen (and not always touch!)

The design is very clean, relatively similar to the application. When you talk to one of your “matches”, his profile will appear on the right (not to mention nonsense;))

On the left, you will find all the people with whom you have met.
you will always have the opportunity to stay in touch with your matches … and to make others.

Fashionable dating apps to find your soulmate

The publishers have been able to exploit very wisely the key asset of smartphones: geolocation. Wherever you are, your position is known applications – and therefore singles around – and do not lie to us, the proximity sweep it works!

Here are some applications to find out who is behind the smartphone at the end of the street.

3nder “Match and match”

Everyone knows 3nder; in any case every less than 30 years at which the application cardboard. Does she still need a description with all the buzz she makes? But of course, we will never tire of this new network of meetings in fashion.

Once installed on an iOS or Android device, registration is done from the user’s Facebook account. Some search criteria are then requested such as geographical area and physical or psychological appearance; nothing very complicated. Continue reading 

The 6 best dating apps in France

What are the best dating apps in France? What is the best app to meet a man or a woman? We take stock of the 6 best dating apps for singles.

You are not in a relationship? You enjoyed all the benefits of being single, but now you want to move on and want to meet someone? Using a dating app can be a good idea to get in touch with profiles that match you.

We all know a couple who met through a dating app and who is now married or about to have children. So if you too, looking for love, and want to start a long or short relationship, it does not matter: we advise you on the most fun dating apps.

Discover our top 6 best dating apps in France!

1. NRJ Chat France

NRJ Chat is a fun and uncomplicated meeting app for those who love shopping.

Indeed, the app appears as an e-commerce site where men are presented as objects and where the principle reproduces our consumerist reflexes: the goal is to put the men we like in a shopping cart.

Yes yes, exactly as we do when we shop online.

The NRJ Chat app offers different categories modeled on an e-shop. It will seem very special to some, it is important to keep in mind that all this is meant to be quirky and humorous. Continue reading 

Stop using dating apps and move on to real life flirting?

It's Time to Stop Scoffing at Dating Apps

After scouring many dating apps, we still have not met great love. But why ? Maybe because it’s time to move away from the virtual flirt for drag in real life. Here are some tips to build confidence and cope with shyness. Love is not necessarily on apps and dating sites!

No more stupid than another, and rather comfortable on the networks, we were lulled by the ambient message: to find love, just create a profile.

All these stories of “From the first message, I knew it was him” and others “Today they have two children” encouraged us. Simple. So, we signed up. And we had to face the facts: it was not so simple.

We, from the first message (“A drink tonight, tell you?”) We knew it would NOT be him. However, we applied, we hung on, we fought sometimes.

Even when this guy we liked totally, but then totally, disappeared from the site after a first drink.

Or when the other let us understand that his wife was going back in a week: ready for love to three in a king size? To confuse quantity and quality, in fact love at first sight, we took a lot of slack.

Do you recognize yourself in this portrait? It’s time to move on to the next step: unsubscription. Because there are lots of good reasons to come back to real life. Continue reading 

Death in the Digital Age: Life after death, you dreamed about it, the internet did it

Before, the memory of our dead remained through objects that had been dear to them, letters, or at the bottom of a photo album. Now, their digital traces make them ubiquitous and change the relationship to mourning.

He died a year ago, but his Facebook profile is still active, transformed by his “legacy contact” into “commemoration account”. At the top of the page, we read: “Remembering Martin X. We hope that people who love Martin will find comfort by consulting his profile to remember and celebrate his life.” What a lot of his 1500 Facebook friends do not fail to do. “Do not be too wise if you’re up there. Here we drink a drink with you, “wrote a grieved man two weeks ago. “I miss you every second,” posted another. Continue reading