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Stop using dating apps and move on to real life flirting?

It's Time to Stop Scoffing at Dating Apps

After scouring many dating apps, we still have not met great love. But why ? Maybe because it’s time to move away from the virtual flirt for drag in real life. Here are some tips to build confidence and cope with shyness. Love is not necessarily on apps and dating sites!

No more stupid than another, and rather comfortable on the networks, we were lulled by the ambient message: to find love, just create a profile.

All these stories of “From the first message, I knew it was him” and others “Today they have two children” encouraged us. Simple. So, we signed up. And we had to face the facts: it was not so simple.

We, from the first message (“A drink tonight, tell you?”) We knew it would NOT be him. However, we applied, we hung on, we fought sometimes.

Even when this guy we liked totally, but then totally, disappeared from the site after a first drink.

Or when the other let us understand that his wife was going back in a week: ready for love to three in a king size? To confuse quantity and quality, in fact love at first sight, we took a lot of slack.

Do you recognize yourself in this portrait? It’s time to move on to the next step: unsubscription. Because there are lots of good reasons to come back to real life. Continue reading 

Death in the Digital Age: Life after death, you dreamed about it, the internet did it

Before, the memory of our dead remained through objects that had been dear to them, letters, or at the bottom of a photo album. Now, their digital traces make them ubiquitous and change the relationship to mourning.

He died a year ago, but his Facebook profile is still active, transformed by his “legacy contact” into “commemoration account”. At the top of the page, we read: “Remembering Martin X. We hope that people who love Martin will find comfort by consulting his profile to remember and celebrate his life.” What a lot of his 1500 Facebook friends do not fail to do. “Do not be too wise if you’re up there. Here we drink a drink with you, “wrote a grieved man two weeks ago. “I miss you every second,” posted another. Continue reading