Top Things You Need to Know About Tinder

Tinder® is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people.


This is a more technical and specific note. The fact that we’re talking about a single app should be obvious. However many women tell me how many men on dating apps or sites “get their hands on” by saying that they are in an open, complicated relationship or in a real relationship and just looking for fun. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you’re the kind of person who values ​​sincerity more than a fuck, you have my blessing in the most absolute way, but this kind of person generally “doesn’t get his hands on” like that , otherwise you would realize that this principle of honesty is not applied to your girlfriend too … So don’t be foolish.

Tinder is one of the best dating apps

I have already partly investigated this statement. Simply Tinder is one of the best apps and, if you want to meet women online, you can’t not use it. Point. Precisely for this reason in Digital Seduction I give you specific strategies for this app by treating it as a “separate entity” with respect to dating sites.

Tinder is an app for sex

Let me clarify this point as it is true and false at the same time. It is false because it is NOT a specific app for sex. That being said, it is “true” because, from my own experience and that of other people I know and whom I esteem, this app attracts friendly users when it comes to having sex quickly. Especially if you are in a young age group. It is not a rule written in stone and, to be honest, you will find a wide demographic of women, but I speak to you from my own experience and from many others, so I can guarantee you a certain “statistical validity”.

Tinder is not an app to meet people

This app is focused exclusively on getting to know women. Thank god they took away the idiocy of the double appointments that once existed. If you want to know people is not your thing, it’s a real dating app.

Tinder is not an app to find a soul mate

I know that many of you are not interested in becoming advanced in seduction and having sexual abundance, but they would just like to be the girl. Although it is true that some couples met online, this remains a statistically minor event. Couples are formed, in a statistically significant way, knowing each other in the real world. So is it impossible to find the girl or soul mate on this app? Absolutely not. Is the “horse you should bet on” if you want to achieve this? No. There are sites more suitable for this purpose, like Okcupid to name one, but in general the online will never be the preferred arrow, if that is your purpose. Also because, keep in mind that the online is very good for VOLUME. But the QUALITY of what you can get online is lowered for almost all the men around, that’s why you shouldn’t rely on online for something in the long run.

How to join Tinder

Signing up is very simple and you can do it by downloading the application from your mobile phone store (example Appstore for Apple or Google Play for Android) or from the official page. I do not get lost in this paragraph because I am really sure that, each of you, without any guide or tutorial, is able to register in total autonomy. And I remind you that this is a specialized site and the most important part of the article comes soon. So let’s forget about these kindergarten banalities such as enrollment and emphasize other aspects. Let’s talk about the fact that you most likely want to make a subscription and, in the technical part, we’ll see together some good reasons to do so. As for how to unsubscribe, it may be that some of you, before reading this article, have used it incorrectly and therefore the algorithm has cataloged you as men of little value by castrating your chances of success on this app . In any case, if you think you need a guide or a tutorial on how to subscribe to Tinder or how to access it, you will find online galore.